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Other languages:

Centre of Expertise for Dutch Terminology

The Centre of Expertise for Dutch Terminology (Expertisecentrum Nederlandstalige Terminologie or ENT) supports people and organisations involved with terminology. They can find terminological information and tools here, on the website of the Dutch Language Institute (INT). A newsletter is sent round several times a year, describing developments and events in the field of terminology.

Academic language


HOTNeV is an acronym for Hoger Onderwijs Terminologie in Nederland en Vlaanderen (Higher Education Terminology in the Netherlands and Flanders). This project was prompted by a sharp increase in educational terms, generated by the EU’s education policy and implemented by the Tuning Project. HOTNeV has a dual purpose. Until now, Dutch equivalents for the English terminology were created mainly ad hoc, but this project focuses on the need to coordinate the provision of terms that have been approved by parties in the Dutch-speaking educational sector. It also wants to show the feasibility of this ambition.

Academic Phrases

A collection of academic phrases in the Academic Phrasesbank for Dutch, made by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Academic Dutch

Tools for training academic Dutch

Medical terminology

Medical Pilot

The Medical Pilot is an experimental database in which a small part of the medical vocabulary is described at various levels, from scientific to accessible to people with low literacy, and in which differences between Flemish and Dutch terms are also shown.

Medical dictionary

See also Domain specific dictionaries for a medical dictionary.

Dutch as a scientific language

With support of the Taalunie, corpus-based terminology lists for two different scientific domains have been made available. Currently as pdfs, but a nice search interface is expected around late 2021.

Legal terminology