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Open Dutch Wordnet

Open Dutch WordNet is a Dutch lexical semantic database. It was created by removing the proprietary content from Cornetto, and by using open source resources to replace this proprietary content.

Cornetto-LMF (Lexicon Markup Framework)

Cornetto is a lexical resource for the Dutch language which combines two resources with different semantic structures. It includes the Dutch Wordnet which organizes words in sets of synonyms (synsets) and records semantic relations between them. It also includes the Dutch Reference Lexicon which organizes words in form-meaning units (lexical entries) and describes them with short definitions, usage constraints, selection restrictions, syntactic behaviours, combinatorial information and illustrative contexts. Cornetto can be considered as the combination of a thesaurus and a dictionary. It is accessible for human use via a web browser and it is also available in XML for computational use (opensourcewordnet). Cornetto has circa 177,000 lexical entries and 70,000 synsets.

Dutch SemCor

Dutch SemCor provides a corpus, fully sense-tagged with senses and domain tags from the Cornetto database

EuroWordNet Dutch

EuroWordNet is a multilingual database with wordnets for several European languages (Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Czech and Estonian). The wordnets are structured in the same way as the American wordnet for English ( Princeton WordNet, Miller et al 1990) in terms of synsets (sets of synonymous words) with basic semantic relations between them. Each wordnet represents a unique language-internal system of lexicalizations.

Word Association Data

Word association and participant data for 100 primary, secondary and tertiary responses to 12,571 cues as reported in De Deyne, Navarro and Storms (2013).

Age of Acquisition Data

Concreteness Data