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n-gram modeling

Colibri core is an NLP tool as well as a C++ and Python library for working with basic linguistic constructions such as n-grams and skipgrams (i.e. patterns with one or more gaps, either of fixed or dynamic size) in a quick and memory-efficient way. At the core is the tool colibri-patternmodeller which allows you to build, view, manipulate and query pattern models.

Large Language Models

Multilingual Language Models including Dutch


spaCy is a free open-source library for Natural Language Processing in Python.

Language Modeling Benchmarks


DUMB is a benchmark for evaluating the quality of language models for Dutch NLP tasks. The set of tasks is designed to be diverse and challenging, to test the limits of current language models. The specific datasets and formats are particularly suitable for fine-tuning encoder models, and applicability for large generative models is yet to be determined. Please read the paper for more details.

LLM Leaderboard

This is a leaderboard for Dutch benchmarks for large language models.

Scandeval Dutch NLG