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DALC Dutch Abusive Language Corpus

The Dutch Abusive Language Corpus v1.0 (DALC v1.0)

  • Github
  • Website
  • Publication: Caselli, Tommaso, Schelhaas, Arjan, Weultjes, Marieke, Leistra, Folkert, van der Veen, Hylke, Timmerman, Gerben and Nissim, Malvina (2021). DALC: the Dutch Abusive Language Corpus. Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Online Abuse and Harms (WOAH). Association for Computational Linguistics

SoNaR New Media Corpus

The SoNaR New Media Corpus 1.0 contains new media texts collected within the STEVIN project SoNaR. The corpus contains text messages, tweets and chat messages. The texts were tokenized, POS-tagged and lemmatized.

Whatsapp corpus Verheijen

Whatsappdata collected for the PhD research of Lieke Verheijen (Radboud University). Informed consent was only obtained from the contributor and not from the conversational partner. Consequently, the subcorpus only contains contributions from the submitter.

TwiSty Author Profiling Corpus

TwiSty is a corpus developed for research in author profiling. It contains personality (MBTI) and gender annotations for a total of 18,168 authors spanning six languages. We distribute the Twitter ids of these authors as well as the ids of their available tweets at the time of corpus development. The tweets have undergone language identification and can be found in a Confirmed (as belonging to the language in which the author is situated) and Other category.