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Woordenlijst.org (Official Dutch Word List)

The Word List of the Dutch Language is online available for free at woordenlijst.org. In 2015, the online version grew from approximately 100,000 entries to roughly 168,000 entries. All words from the previous printed edition have been retained.

The newly added words are derived from text files collected at the Dutch Language Institute, containing newspaper texts, literary texts and texts from the internet. In addition, a selection was made from all words that had been looked up in vain in the online Word List.

Since 2015, woordenlijst.org has been updated several times a year with hundreds of new words. At the end of 2019 it contained a total of 186,000 words. With all plural forms, diminutive forms, past tenses and past participles, the digital version of the Word List now contains information about approximately 830,000 word forms.

Spelling Certification Mark

The Spelling Certification Mark ([Keurmerk Spelling]) is a guarantee given by the Union for the Dutch Language (Taalunie) that a reference work can be used to look up the official spelling.

For the automatic spell check of word lists (for example provided by dictionary suppliers), the Dutch Language Institute uses the Spelling Certification Mark, also known as the HulK. Our spelling specialists manually correct the words the HulK does not recognize and add these to our own material. From then on the words can be processed automatically.

Any word list compiled in accordance with the rules and principles of the official spelling receives the Spelling Certification Mark.